Children of a Lesser God. Slaughter Age of Chickens

Apparently, the good God gave full life to every being - to be born, to nurse, to run-play, to mate, to LIVE LONG ENOUGH. Contrary to God’s wish that all creatures LIVE LONG ENOUGH, God’s favourite son and daughters changed God’s destiny.

On the issue of Animal Rights and Liberation, I am not in arguments, neither in favour or nor against the existence of God. But as most people would have a religious faith and would be inclined to believe in something created by nature, which must be allowed to exist and thrive as designed. 
But then…
Why human have changed the course of nature by re-engineering lives of those, who were designed equally to be born, to nurse, to run-play, to mate, to LIVE LONG ENOUGH?
It is not the question of human survival, which is well possible without such acts that brutally deny a life to live the way is it was designed. Meagre greed!
If human were honest and were to look beyond the denial of truth, they ought to see the misery, pain and brutality in acts committe…

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