Removal of Dissonance. Deliberate Commodification.

Many species, are far intelligent and conscious of suffering, pain, death, grief; with good deal ability to learn and count. People are filled with disgust, when a comparison with holocaust or or ethic cleansing is made. 
Is it not?...
I think the group mentality creates a pervading situation in removal of moral dissonance associated aggression and killings. The characteristics of a holocaust or ethic cleansing is very similar. It begins in d-recognizing the victim.

The mistreatment's are preceded by degradation of value of the victim that makes life less worthy and death easy to justify. 
The human atrocities are intentional and planned, a perverted morality, in both war crimes/ethnic crimes, and same attitude prevails in cruelty towards animals. That might put human at bottom of the moral constructs in living kingdom.
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